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                        Cleopatra Selene: We The Great Are Misthought


                       30BC It is the dawn of a new age. Imperator Octavian rules  the Roman world,

                       taking control of country upon country, and now the suicide of his enemy,

                       Queen Cleopatra, secures Egypt in his iron fist. 

                       Selene, the only surviving heir of Cleopatra and Antony, is captured and sent

                       to live with her father’s first wife and half siblings in Rome.

                       Among few allies and many enemies, who aren’t always quite so obvious, Selene

                      comes to realise how much of a political pawn she is in Octavian’s quest for

                      Roman supremacy.

                      Dangers intensify when Selene finds herself falling for the betrothed of her half-

                      sister and bitterest rival, Antonia. Survival will demand her to choose between

                      passion and loyalty, but as a slave of Rome, is it really her choice to make?


                  ‘We The Great Are Misthoughtis the first book of a trilogy

                   that will  draw you even deeper into the heated lives of history’s most

                            complex  characters. The sheer grit of Selene’s untold story will leave you feeling

                           inspired and involved, but most importantly, gripping on to hope.












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