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A very provoking read and surprisingly quite controversial. It’s cleverly written, the plotting and scheming especially had me hooked. It wasn’t all serious, the banter cracked me up and the romance took me back a few years. I fell in love with the characters, by the end of the book I felt like I knew them personally. I hope the next one is coming out soon; I really want to know what happens next.

Cathy  66

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Power, lust, betrayal, revenge and kinship – ‘ We The Great Are Misthought’ puts all emotions on the table, honouring the cutthroat and passionate nature of Ancient Roman society. At the heart of this enthralling novel is a young head-strong orphan princess – Cleopatra Selene – who experiences deadly resentment and political exploitation first hand, at the mercy of Rome’s most tyrannical figures. The close bond you will form with this inspiring character is unavoidable and will intensify throughout a catalogue of struggles and perilous events – inducing an emotional cocktail of sorrow and joy at every turn. ‘We The Great Are Misthought’ will take you on an eye-opening journey through time, leaving you inspired and involved.

Rachael  27

Senior Editor Hampshire


I watched the YouTube video and I couldn’t wait to get my copy. I like Cleopatra , I didn’t know she had daughter. I love the cover; I thought it was an erotica at first because of the gold chains. It was a really good story, I kept up with the history. The romance between Selene and Orias was my favourite bit, I knew it was doomed but I still want to know if they end up together. I love Selene, she nicked her sister bloke but I still like her. Antonia was a right cow anyway. I’m still a bit shocked by the ending, I was like screaming NO at the book! I would recommend this book to anyone.

 Hayley 33

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We the Great are mis-thought, delves into the validity and entitlement to greatness of the most prominent figures of the Roman Augustan age. The known legacies of Augustus, Agrippa, Cleopatra and Antony unravel through the untold story of the young Princess Cleopatra Selene. Enslaved for her political significance, she is forced to confront the stigma of her scandalous, bi-racial parentage. Cursed with an ambition she is powerless to fulfil and plagued by a heritage of patriotic ideals, she struggles to find pride in her identity among her captures.Against the formidable forces of mendacity, prejudice and treachery, Selene’s journey of self discovery strays so far from her innocent beginning. Her stubborn determination to forge her own path cannot avoid the awakened desires of a girl giving way to womanhood or a blinding fixation that could overshadow all ambition. Captivated by toxic desires in extreme and tumultuous circumstances, Selene’s story inspires and challenges us with equal intensity.

Beatrice  28

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S F Chandler tells Cleopatra Selene’s story with a visual creativity that makes you forget where and when you are! The book begins where the story of Queen Cleopatra left off – but easily holds its own without taking anything from Cleopatra’s Story. Anyone can read this book, even if you’re not into Rome & ancient stuff. The author has succeeded in maintaining an intelligent simplicity of the historical background information that is needed to really understanding Selene’s heritage. The strong storyline of deception, slavery, betrayal, unbreakable loyalty, rape, destructive love and erotic escapades will keep your eyes glued to the pages right through to the early hours of the morning. Fact!

 Ming 40

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